Since 1979, we have been creating and constructing unique landscapes. For years Don Vivatson of Alder Group, Pool and Landscape has been raising the quality of life for their clients by building and constructing uniquely beautiful landscape projects.  Projects that have been bring our clients fantastic resale values.  We’ll bring art and beauty to your outside environment with no messy projects or budgets that never seem to end. This is one of the many reasons we are highly praised by the clients we work with. Please feel free to ask about some of them, I’m sure they would be happy to talk.

How exactly do we get you maximum results? We do it by giving you a uniquely tailored design, high quality workmanship followed by and meeting our timelines. After projects are complete we follow up with our warranty service calls.

Alder Group Inspects grades and test drainage systems, test irrigation systems, test lighting system for proper electrical loads, and plant plants for the proper size holes and amendments, all our testing and inspecting are there to protect you and your investment and keep the callbacks to a minimum,.  As your project evolves and we see ways to improve your investment, we’ll speak up.

Our objective is to design a unique garden that fits the personality of our clients and their home focusing on the details of blending and combined materials for the right affect.

Don Vivatson – Owner

Don Vivatson of Alder Group works with two of the best designers in the east bay area of San Francisco.  Don will work with his client to help pick from the two designers that will best suit their project then will work side by side with the client and architect to get the best results. This is a winning combination.

Daryn Nabeta – Office Manager

Daryn Nabeta works closely with Don Vivatson and is here to help take information from our clients and prospective clients. She communicates information to Don or the right field manager in our company, be it construction or gardening. Daryn manages all client accounts, schedules the maintenance teams, extra service work and warranty work along with invoicing for that work. Daryn works closely with our personnel and manages payroll as well. Daryn is a very important person within the Alder Group.

Jorge Lomeli- Supervisor

Jorge Lomeli is a supervisor in charge of scheduling and project timelines.  He works closely with Don to make sure that the jobs are completed on time and on budget.  He coordinates with the project supervisors and foremen to ensure all materials arrive on the project on time.  Jorge is a great asset at The Alder Group.

Miguel Ambriz

Miguel has been employed by Alder Group since 2004. He has been working as one of the lead foremen under the umbrella of masonry and concrete. He is a journeyman, craftsman at his trade. Making Alder Group one of the best.