After we receive a sign off on the creative design, Alder Group orders a toilet for employee's to use on site. We will begin the construction process. Demolition equipment and trucks owned by Alder Group will remove old existing hardscape and softscape that conform to the design, being careful not to disturb areas to remain. Note: 85% of the demo is recycled.

Building-Grading and Subterranean Work

Lowering and raising the soil for proper grades for drainage, cutting and removing soil for gas lines retaining walls, pouring concrete footings, pouring concrete piers, compacting recycled concrete sub-base for concrete patios, pathways for stairs, sprinklers, drainage, french behind walls and solid in concrete, and wiring for lights. This all needs to be completed first before we start work above ground.


Retaining walls, fire pit, fire place, seat walls, concrete patio, bbq's/ outdoor kitchens inserts need to be delivered on site before work starts on the bbq/ kitchen area, structures, fountains, these are all permanent structure and will take the most time to complete during construction and may require engineering and permits.


Sprinklers, spray and drip , drainage solid and catch basins, lighting wire, transformer and lights, recycled plastic lawn boarders, compost, plants and trees and tree stakes, sod lawn, and top dressing spread in planting areas, these items all fall under softscape and will be installed in the last phase of the project.

After your project is complete, you will be amazed at the difference we have made. This is truly what motivates us to be the best at what we do.

    • Total demo and clean-up
    • Driveways & Patios - Stamped concrete, Flagstone, & Pavers
    • Retaining walls - all types, engineered or non engineered
    • Wood structures and fencing
    • Entertainment Areas - BBQ, & Fire pits
    • Masonry
    • All Softscape
    • Outdoor Lighting
    • Sprinkler, Drainage
    • Walkways & Stairs - all type
    • High Quality plants and Sod